Time Management

As time flies I wanted something to do about managing it properly. It looks like I work for complete 8 hours but

end of the day nothing is countable as productive to me nor to the business...

Hope each of us have the same story behind. It doesn't mean that we are not a valuable resource. WE ARE ! But the thing is that we find it difficult to prioritize our works. Let's walk through to know what makes us for being so. No way I'm gonna bore you with some strategies. Just simple things which might be silly at times but very effective.

Major source of grabbing our time is "Interruption".

What are these…? This might be anything that makes you feel as if, you are working but at the end nothing turns to be productive.

EXAMPLEAfter a client call, you decide to work putting yourself focused and you got the flow and gradually biasing on implementation.And now someone knocks your desk asking for some help. We obviously tend to address them solving their queries unless we are into critical work, due to some escalations/pressure. It happens. This seems too silly. But these small things tentatively hold your flow, concentration, speed, action items etc. Everything is lost in a second. Ooh ya you will get back later on the same thing but still the flow or the mindset which you had at that time, will not be gained immediately. It takes some time. Try cutting those interruptions in a posh manner.

Simple guidelines to be followed to handle such situations.

Consider the same scenario... If someone interrupts you in-between your work. Just do this P-Pause A-Ask C-Choose A-Action 

PAUSE - no matter what ... Just pause your action. If you don’t, then it means you are insulting someone who seeks help from you

ASK - kindly say them that you are in the middle of something and ask them "is that really important, can you hold on for some time".

CHOOSE - based on the answer, you choose which seems to be important to you. The ball is in your court.

ACTION - no matter whatever you decide, just grab the key points that contribute to your work flow. Use sticky notes rather. This might sound dumb but it will help you gain back your normal work flow even if you have spent your time for others in-between your plan.

That all folks... just give a try and let me know if this works

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